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The April Market Update: March 2019 Stats

23 April 2019
Shawn Beard

Spring has (finally!) sprung, and the market is definitely showing healthy signs of growth. It’s been balanced and steady, and what we saw in the last month or so is in line with the kind of growth we’ve seen in March and April in past years. There’s pickup in terms of average price, active listings and number of sales, so the season is off to a great start. Click the title above for more info.

The February Market Update: January 2019 Stats

20 February 2019
Shawn Beard

Valentine's Day and Family Day have come and gone – and while there doesn't seem to be any end in sight for the snow, the Spring Real Estate Market is only a few weeks away. As the days get longer and the temperature rises, more inventory is coming to the market, and more buyers are starting or stepping up their searches. Click the headline for more.

The November Market Update: October 2018 Stats

16 November 2018
Shawn Beard

Micromarket Trends Continue While There Are Further Changes To Lending Guidelines That Can Impact Your Borrowing Power. Click the headline for more

The September Market Update: August 2018 Stats

14 September 2018
Shawn Beard

The Fall Market Is Underway. Interest Rates Are Heading Upward, Buyers Are Operating With More Caution – And Things Are Pretty Much Back To Normal After The Blip In 2017. Click The Headline For More.

The August Market Update: July 2018 Stats

17 August 2018
Shawn Beard

The Market Is Steady – While July Is The First Month We Haven’t Seen An Increase In Average Prices, It’s Summer, And That’s To Be Expected. Inventory Is Low, And Demand Is High, Especially In Certain Areas. Click The Headline For The Lowdown On What’s Happening In TO Real Estate Right Now.